September was a wonderful time to experience Melbourne. Just a week before our arrival, it had been dreadfully cold and rainy but the skies cleared up just for us. The dewy air made our hair and skin perfect; that’s one of the things I miss most about Melbourne. I didn’t mind waking up early every morning if it meant I could busk in the warm sun against the cold wind. What a beautiful irony.

Enjoy the visual treat.


melbourne-queen-vic-1 melbourne-queen-vic-2

Dining out in Melbourne is 100% pocket-UNfriendly but we spent many a brunch and dinners splurging anyway. The café culture is strong and we couldn’t resist being a part of it. However, if you’re looking to go budget, the famous Queen Victoria Market will solve all your problems.

You’ll find fresh fruit & veg, deli stalls and poultry, all not too expensive at all. The market is much alike Fremantle in Perth, and there are many little stores for you to get takeaways for picnics. We suspect the grass in Australia must all be genetically modified because they’re always so clean and fresh. Something to know: the donut truck parked outside the market looks cute but the donuts are pure crap. Please don’t.


Alike the cafe culture, the street art culture in Melbourne screams out around every street corner. Becks is a mural artist in Singapore and she goes over the moon when she spots street art. There are many areas of the city where the street art presence is stronger, and Hosier Lane is a great starting point.

IMG_0776 IMG_0773 IMG_0758 DSCN4964

I found this article about Hosier Lane where artist Adrian Doyle actually painted over the entire lane. Interesting stuff. I love that it didn’t remain a blank canvas for too long. It’s almost like the graffiti artists are just waiting to release their creative energy all over the walls (and doors, and floors, and gates).


Melbourne Spring Fashion Week was happening while we were in the city, and I caught a glimpse of the dress rehearsal. There were different booths within the glass dome and a mini exhibition of some incredibly creative works. Check out these sugar-coated designs made entirely out of candy, licorice, chocolate syrup and more sweet treats you can think of.


These ladies were handing out candy, while wearing candy necklaces! Too adorable. Also, they both have really good eyebrows. #onpoint


This booth was selling something called the Color Bug, from Kevin Murphy. It’s essentially hair chalk that will only come off with water and shampoo. Pretty cool stuff! This hair chalking biznez has been pretty popular as of late, yet we haven’t found one that actually works great. Any recommendations?


St. Kilda would be the perfect place to spend your Sunday. Visit the Sunday market at the Esplanade in the afternoon and then have picnic on the beach or take your pick of the many beach bars overlooking the waters. The three of us had a very romantic afternoon strolling along the beach. It was about 18 degrees out and the winds were so strong yet the locals were decked out in their beachwear while Shasha was covered head to toe. #WEAK #JK


The moment we stepped into Luna Park, we felt like kids again. Well Luna Park is actually a kids theme park but there’s nothing wrong with a few 20-somethings unleashing their inner (crazy) child. Escape Theme Park really needs to learn a little lot from this place.

DSC02230 DSCN4774

Carousels, roller coasters, ferris wheels – typical theme park rides but it was the giddy atmosphere that was enticing. The colors of the rides, gorgeous murals on the walls and the whole circus-like vibe of the park made you feel apart of a children’s fairytale. Even though we didn’t get on any rides, Luna Park is still worth to soak up the atmosphere and to feel like a kid again.

This marks the end of my Aussie holiday entries. If you’ve got any questions about Melbourne or Perth, don’t be shy – leave a comment or drop me an email and I’ll be happy to help.


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