TRAVEL: A weekend in BKK

I wanted to do a quick Bangkok round-up with some shots I got on the trip. Like I mentioned in my last post, I love long holidays and being in one place for an extended amount of time. 2 weeks in Melbourne, 2 months in Europe… I’m all for that. Weekend trips seem rushed, half-hearted and generally forgettable.

However! This trip has proven that sometimes that’s all you need for a refresher before you rejoin the real world come Monday. Thanks for the fun Lin, Nigel and Shasha :-*


My first meal was Phad Thai in a small, unassuming joint near our Airbnb. It was here that I learnt the art of a fabulous Phad Thai on a cold, rainy day: a gooey, piping hot fried egg. It just makes the whole dish come together. When we got back home and had Thai food in Orchard Towers, I kicked myself for forgetting the egg!

YUN_0755 YUN_0733

Another thing I learnt is that if you flirt with the street vendors enough, they will flash their charming smile straight into your camera. This was along the road after our afternoon at Broccoli Revolution, and when we saw a similar cart at Chatuchak the next day, I was so convinced it was the same guy! Alas, it wasn’t… I was just a smitten fool.


No flirting happening here, hence…


This was our breakfast at 10am, by the way. Toasted white bread with sugar, condensed milk and butter. How am I still alive with a regular 25-year-old’s blood pressure?


More on our Airbnb: We took a painfully long time to decide on one and I accredit that to Nigel and I being extremely fussy fuss-pots. Ha! When we finally settled on iSanook Residences, our host was so lovely to give us all the information we needed before the trip. We were under the impression it was a regular apartment, but it turned out to be a serviced apartment. I didn’t take photos of the interior and rooms, which were all very clean and simple. The facade of the residential area is mostly concrete and modern and I loved it.

We had breakfast by the pool on our last day there albeit the rain and the sinking feeling of having to leave kicked in. Raindrops, conversations and food… macam idol drama lah.


Because us two would be leaving for home earlier than Shasha and Nigel, we all packed up and checked into their new stay, Vince Hotel and my god, it’s a beauts. It’s a fairly new boutique hotel in the Pratunam area and its modern dining area at the lobby got Lin and I trigger-happy.

YUN_0897 YUN_0892

Looks like a cafe doesn’t it? The colors and mismatched chairs are my favorite.


Okay the quote is fairly illegible in the photo but it read: “Travel is the better half of life. Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.

:) Till next time, BKK!


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