Before brunchzation took over our lives, brunch was something I’d only seen and heard about in chick flicks. Yes, I’m that daft. Today, you get corrected for suggesting having lunch. “Let’s do brunch instead!” What difference is there from what I just said? The one hour gap?

But still, I find myself paying for $18 eggs. It’s the chick flicks I’m tellin’ ya. Lucky for us, the café world is increasingly stepping up its game to produce better, prettier and more Instagram-worthy brunch spots. Maybe that’s where the money goes – the winning shot.


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Becks, Shasha and I had an early brunch at Hardware Societe, which was highly recommended by another friend. The menu was different from your typical English-styled breakfast sets, which was definitely a refreshing change. And again, the pictures may look deceiving but the portions were pretty big as well. Hardware Societe is situated along Hardware Street, which is filled with cafes, restaurants and bakeries and although small, the joint was packed out when we arrived. Pretty decent food!


In our bid to scour all brunch spots, we found ourselves in Camberwell, and after thrifting the day away at the market, we decided to ditch our salmon & eggs for something a little extraordinary. Red Robyn is a vegan and gluten-free cafe, with the most informative menu that I have ever seen. It has a guide indicating foods that are dairy, fructose and egg free on top of other specifications.


redrobyndrinks redrobynpancakes

The best thing to do is to order different dishes and try a little bit of everything. I had the Red Robyn breakfast, but we reached a little after 2 and by then, the shakshuka had run out and was substituted with ratatouille. It was good but I reckon it would have tasted better with shakshuka. They ran out of other things as well so I’d recommend having an early brunch as they close at 3.30pm.

If you’re heading to Melbourne anytime soon, I hope this entry entices you enough to want to head down to these places. I kid you not, you will not regret it. Two more tips for food-hunting would be to enter the entire address of the cafes (street name, city, state and postal code) into Google Maps to ensure you get to the right place. We got lost too many times! Also, give the cafes a call or check their websites for their opening hours as some may not be open on certain days or may close early.

Cafe Recommendations

Mart 130
Albert Park, 107A Canterbury Road, Middle Park, VIC 3206

If you live in Melbourne or have a friend who does, you’ve probably heard of this place. It’s a former tram stop (Mart is spelled backwards) and has a wonderful, bustling atmosphere.

213 Barkly Street, St Kilda, VIC 3182

If you’re craving for some seafood, this is where you should be. Their crabs, shellfish and calamari are popular items and it would be best to plan a lunch date here as their seafood tends to run out pretty quickly.

Bella Sistas Expresso
970 Toorak Rd, Camberwell South, VIC 3124

This café came highly recommended by a friend. Unfortunately when we got there, it was closed. A painful lesson learnt to check all opening hours!

Little Creatures Dining Hall
222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC

Because we all love our beer.

Naked for Satan
285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Also located at Brunswick Street, this uniquely named café has a history that’s just as unique. I love this place for its $5 pizza + beer combo – their outdoor seating on the roof is houses beautiful fairy lights too. I’m sold.


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