I know what you’re thinking.


This myth has now been rebutted. For I have traveled far and wide (5 hour plane ride) to unravel the mysteries of the city (to hang out with my friend Ainul). Ladies and gents, Perth is only as boring as you get. Thankfully for me, Ainul is a hoot and she drives. Trying to get around Perth without a car is hassle and wouldn’t allow you to explore the lengths of the city.

A quick tip here – Get the UrbanSpoon app on your mobile phones. It basically works like HungryGoWhere or Burpple.

Disclaimer: I have to stress that I’m no expert on traveling in Australia (hell, I wouldn’t even say I’m an expert on traveling in Singapore) but I know the most I do now, and what you’ll be reading will really be what I personally enjoy seeing and doing when in Australia.


One thing I’ve been trying to pick up over the year is knitting and crochet. But yes, as all procrastinators can predict, months have flown by and I’ve yet to fully pick it up. (“So little time, so much to do,” amirite?) Stepping into Wild Poppy sent an overwhelming surge of guilt within me. The cozy join was adorned with crochet cushion covers, crochet throws, crochet coasters…you name it.

DSC01579 DSC01587 DSC01586

This locally founded cafe is all for free-range and fair-trade products, and we ordered a simple selection of Chai Latte, Vanilla Latte, Chocolate Twist and Pork Wrap for the day. The quiet of the suburb makes Wild Poppy the perfect hideout if you’re looking for some downtime.


Greens & Co. is on Oxford Street, and the fanatical posters all over the walls drove me wild. I was crazy over the low-hanging lights too – a wonderful and inexpensive method to transform a space. They have a very wide selection of cakes and pies, both sweet and savory; there are gluten-free options too, for the health-nuts. I’m not a huge fan of anything too sugary (hence why I prefer salted popcorn to sweet, much to my best friend’s dismay), but their Honeycomb Brulee was perfectly crusty without being overbearingly sweet. Give it a go for sure!


Sayers Sisters was the very first brunch spot we hit the day I landed in Perth. I’d been to Australia before, so I knew how much brunch I was to expect. This was first of the 2740140910!

It’s not a vegan restaurant, but it’s perfect for those opting for a less sinful spread. Famously known for their gluten-free and organic produce, Sayers Sister is beautifully packaged inside and out. We sat at the long table in the middle of the room and got to eavesdrop on stories from other patrons. It was fun until I saw a couple making out across the table from me. No thank you!

Ainul went for the Coriander & Cumin Bean Tagine with a poached egg and sourdough on the side (AUD16.50) while I opted for the safer Poached Eggs with Tomatoes and ciabatta (AUD 15.50). I loved the former for it’s different offering – I imagine Grecian food tastes that way too. The poached eggs were…well, poached eggs. Nothing too special here, but I would come here just for the beautifully furnished setting.

Perth is not so boring after all, huh?


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