FOOD: Cafe-hopping in Bangkok

Hello all! I just got back from a weekend away in Bangkok and while I am not usually a fan of short trips, this one was one for the books. We spent every day indulging in all kinds of food and ended our nights with happy, fatty bellies.

Since the last time I was in BKK, a lot has obviously changed, particularly the cafe scene. I followed a couple of recommendations from friends and on Instagram and while these spots we hit up are not 1) new 2) the most beautiful or 3) the most unique, they were delightful additions to our trip.

Broccoli Revolution
899 Sukhumvit 49
Khlongtun-Nua, Vadthana


This place is a complete stunner. From the wooden furniture and garden hangings on the walls to the industrial lights, we felt sane away from the busy of the city. Seating is aplenty; the multi-level space leads up to a small, cozy outdoor nook.


The vegan, cold-pressed and organic offerings here span such wide variety, we took at least 15 mins to decide what to get. Food prices are surprisingly affordable, given the quality of the ingredients and their serving sizes. A fancy juice mix would set you back about 180 baht / SGD7.10.

It was already past lunch time so we settled for this gorgeous Smoothie Bowl (200 baht / SGD7.80). They had two options for the smoothie bowls, both of which come with generous portions of chia seeds, granola, walnut, goji berries and mixed nuts.

  1. GREEN – Kale, avocado and banana
  2. BERRY – Raspberry, blueberry and strawberry

Judging by the bright purple, you know we obviously chose the latter.

After You
J Avenue, Thong Lor 13
Khlong Toei Nuea


Lin is a complete nutter for toast. Her go-to breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) is kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs, without fail. So when she suggested trying the famous honey toast from After You, I was ready to go all out.

The classic Shibuya Honey Toast (165 baht / SGD6.50) was the first and most obvious choice, and we also got the fancier Nutella Toast (185 baht / SGD7.20) to feed our fatty selves. I cannot pick a favorite of the two, because both were equally fluffy, sweet and addictive. The heap of ice cream and whipped cream on the side melted beautifully on the piping hot pieces of bread.


The pancakes, however, were extremely bland and we should’ve given them a miss. No, the salted butter cream on the side didn’t do anything for us either.

Karmakamet Diner
30/1 Sukhumvit Road
Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei

YUN_0810 YUN_0761YUN_0814

I gotta admit – this was nowhere near my list of cafes I wanted to check out. I’m a skeptic and every time a BKK recommendation came up, Karmakamet would be praised for its beautiful interiors and this giant poof:


Yes, that’s my skeptical face wondering: WHO EVEN CAME UP WITH THISI wish I’d asked how many they sold in a day. It goes by Strawberry in the Clouds (390 baht / SGD15.30) and the atas cotton candy (read: high-end sugar fix) sits atop a nice strawberry shortcake with a dollop of ice cream. It was such a fun eat!

Note that I said fun and not particularly delicious. I remember the ice cream tasting very basic and for $15, they could’ve gone out further to purchase better quality ones.


The Banana Espresso Eclair (390 baht / SGD15.30) was an odd dish which none of us fancied very much. The same ice cream with an unappetizing banana? No, thank you!

For the prices and its location, I wouldn’t consider Karmakamet a “cafe” per se – it’s really more a nice restaurant for a first date or special birthday dinner. It is indeed very beautiful and hits all the right notes with its details, ambience and service. It’s only a pity they seem to have given the freshness of their ingredients less thought.

I miss my smoothie bowl already.


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