It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of festivals and the hippie 70’s. Just last year, my friends and I hosted our DIY “Coachella in the Palm Springs” birthday party for my 24th. Everything about the night was wonderful, especially since we were all game for a dress-up like never before. That birthday is definitely one for the books.

Loads of labels have been springing up the 70’s style and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Clearly the most distinct aspect of the era was errthang fringed and tasseled. I had to test my hands at my own version of a fringed top – here’s a very simple DIY you can attempt at a rockin’ Coachella-ready fringin’ good time.


I got this tank top from Cotton On – so affordable, so functional, so basic. Grab a pair of shears and estimate how far up / how long you want your fringe to be. I’d have used chalk for mark-outs but I didn’t have any. Silver pins work just fine.¬†Mark across the width of the top and begin to cut, bottom up. Don’t worry about having irregular-sized fringed – the messier, the more fun the party. I’d suggest making multiple, thinner strands so as to best attain an authentic, wind-swept sing-song fringe festival in the wind.

The next and last (so simple, right?) step is optional but recommended. Grab the fringes by the pair and knot them up, two by two. Not only does doing this add texture to the strands, it’s just fancier, ya know?

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Kimono blouse, New Look
Distressed denim shorts, ASOS
Gladiator sandals, Mango
Chandelier earrings, Charlotte Russe


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