Here’s the situation. I’ll be flying with only a single carry-on bag and zero checked baggage. Why Yun why? Because I’m the Queen of Budget, and I violently refused, AKA thought about it for a second and went, “Meh”, to pay for a luggage full of clothes with me, especially when I know I’ll be shopping my bank account off upon arrival. In the messy racks of the thrift store is where you’ll find me buried deep.

So back to the problem at hand. What does a girl pack in an infant-sized luggage to a Street Fashion Hub then? This is a huge, sticky situation, all for the sake of saving $30. Scratch that. I can probably stock up on 10 skirts with $30.

I’ve done my packing best with what my tiny square feet of baggage would allow me to… Wish me luck! I’ll return bearing travel tips and hopefully many a good story to tell.


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