TODAY: I love today, and I’ll love tomorrow more.

Lately, I’ve been bothered by some happenings and my often weak, weak mind cannot resist falling trap into the negative. This morning was one such situation and I woke up drained, tired, motionless. Whenever I awake this way, I want nothing more than to fall back into sleep and let the cold feeling in between my chest pass. But I press on.

The day has shuffled by quickly as it always does, like time and my state of being don’t line up. I’ve gotten rather used to these fleeting seconds that pass ever so hastily. And now as I sit here in the silence of the Hive’s lobby, I think about the little things that made today great.

Never mind that my day had begun on the lowest of lows. I let the cold feeling dissolve on its on as my day went by and now I find myself Googling ‘Bari, Italy’ and feeling a warmth in my stomach.

I could sit at home and cry all day about the unjust I had let someone make me feel. I could say you’re so unkind, I’m a good friend, I try my best, why can’t you see? 

But I can also say: I was a good friend, I tried my best and you should have seen it.

And in the words of a wise man…

“It’s hard to imagine what life would be if it wasn’t for what I do now… Maybe I’d travel more, maybe this, maybe that. It would for sure be very different. But it doesn’t matter – I love today, and I’ll love tomorrow more.”