TODAY: I was shown a whole new world.

It has been approximately 7 months since I last logged in, much less had the capacity/time to sit and pen words in this rectangular box. During this time, I’ve been flipped 360 inside out, spun round and round and seen places and things I hadn’t before.

I’m a new person today and I’ve spent the whole time feeling crazy and blessed. One year ago, things were so different and I’m convinced that 2016 has been, is and will be the biggest test of my spirit in this lifetime. I would go into detail but I’ll save that conversation for an in-person experience over a cuppa.

Here’s 2016 in a nutshell:

  • Had my first Skype interview ever
  • Flew to Hong Kong alone to meet a great bunch of people
  • Started managing the Hive Coworking – alone for the first full month
  • Spent days and nights during this period antagonising over the new responsibility in my life, but never wanting to give it up
  • Saw leaps and bounds of breakthroughs in the months that followed, including being surrounded by two of the best people I could ever imagine having with me. Walked alongside the two of them and saw the Hive go from zero to a small hero
  • Launched Charly with Shasha. We’re wide-eyed and hopeful; we’re a team.

I know now that happiness is not a physical entity. It is a verb and it is in the things we allow our senses to free-fall into.