So you guys know Shasha. One of our favorite activities sounds a little something like this: devouring good and sinful food, and crying out of sheer regret after. We need to be on constant motivation boosts for working off our frowned-upon gluttony.

Most recently, we signed on with KFIT Asia for their all-access fitness pass. We figured that instead of limiting our workout options and memberships to one centre/specialization (Yoga Movement, for example, whom I’m also with and love), the KFIT app gives you access to a ton of gyms, fitness centers and activities with the convenience of a one-stop directory. And I tried Rock Climbing for the first time!

Back in school, I never gave two cents to outdoor activities, P.E. lessons or sports day. I did pretty well in the short-distance running segments when I was 10-12 years, but I stopped caring beyond that… Oops.

Climb Central KFIT 01Climb Central KFIT 04

It was both an exhilarating and scary experience. We chose the First-Timer Entry Pass and were given belaying, climbing and safety instructions by the awesome staff at Climb Central, before we were left to explore the walls.

Climb Central KFIT 10Climb Central KFIT 08

The auto-belay option sounded simple during the briefing but was a real scary challenge, so we decided to belay each other, taking turns to climb. Boy was it a rush! When you’re fully on the wall, suddenly the end seems heaps higher and farther away. It helped that the respective walls were labeled in accordance to their difficulty level. We started small and progressively attempted harder walls.

Climb Central KFIT 02Climb Central KFIT 09Climb Central KFIT 03

For novices, I think we both did a pretty good job. A for effort, that’s all that matters ;) One thing we both definitely figured out mid-way was that we fo ‘sho need more upper body arm strength to keep us going longer in future. And to be honest, I don’t think I’d have ever given rock climbing a go if it weren’t for my KFIT pass. It’s the knowledge that I have the opportunity to try a new activity that pushed me to sign up.

So here’s a little something for you guys interested in KFIT. Sign up for the app, and use the promo code ‘YUNQ‘ to receive a huge discount off your membership – it’ll only cost SGD39 instead of the usual SGD99 for the first month. Yes, I think it sounds pretty awesome a deal too.

How KFIT works

  1. Sign up for membership
  2. Use the promo code YUNQ
  3. *Choose classes and activities to attend via KFIT’s calendar
  4. Register for class, and have fun!
*While some studios are happy to welcome you for an unlimited number of visits monthly, certain merchants have varying regulations and you should have an understanding of them before confirming your classes. 


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