Okay so I’m totally excited to be sharing about Melbourne because it is my favorite city in the world. I love everything about it – the culture especially. There’s something wonderful about the way Melbourne functions that makes me feel like I completely belong. I would love to live there one day. While working for Frankie.

My plan for the year was to visit Ainul in Perth, but I knew I couldn’t leave Australia without hopping over to Melbourne. And of course I had to bring Shasha with me – I wanted her to fall in love with Melbourne too and I think she did. Probably because of the food.

Yeah pretty sure it was the food


San Churro hails all the way from Spain, and is the perfect shopping-break-snack to have in the cold. They make the thickest, most comforting hot chocolate with crispy churros to boot. The first time I tried their signature hot chocolate, I was pretty put off by its consistency. Too thick! I’ve now come to love it.

DSC02381 DSC02388 IMG_0889

We were on Lygon Street when we saw San Churro, and there’s also one at QV Centre on Swanston Street. We went for the Hot & Cold and a set of 6 churros to share. The owner was such a darling; he explained everything about the chocolate family to us.

The drink is a beautiful blend of hot chocolate with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. The half and half fusion created layers of temperatures within the mug. It took about 5 sips of the warm chocolate to reach the still-cold softness of the ice cream. Soooooo very delicious and perfect for children (actually we are children).

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You may have read my Italy travel stories where I found the best gelato on planet Earth. Imagine my excitement when I found my second favorite gelato! Our dear friend G Wan brought us out on a night tour of the city. As I said, there are nooks and crooks in the city – too much to see. Thanks G Wan for bringing this gelato to my life.

I had a serving of Pear, Ricotta & Dark Chocolate because I just couldn’t resist taking the risk. And it was magical! The flavor was strong but not unbearably overwhelming to the point of nausea. Note to all: Always go for the craziest flavors. Doesn’t Cardamom with Turmeric & Pistachio sound insane too?

According to G Wan and the nice lady at the store, flavors change up frequently and it’s possible that your favorite flavors may not always be there. All the more reason to make it your go-to gelato stop so you can try all the flavors they ever invent.

Some people have told me that Freddo on Lygon Street is also pretty insane, and sadly I didn’t get to experience that. My favorite ice cream flavors are typically pistachio or cookies & cream, and I got the former…not knowing that Freddo is famous for their Rocher flavored gelato! It’s apparently a must-try.


Fun fact: I used to hate macaroons. Until I realized I had been eating the poorest quality of all macaroons ever made. I’ve tried macaroons from most places in Singapore, and I love the fact that the macaroons from La Belle Miette are 100% homemade with love from Melbourne. On top of being excellent.

DSCN4845 DSCN4841 DSC02439

Needless to say, we visited the beautiful Parisian-themed store multiple times (there’s one on Collins Street as well), and bought at least two different flavors each time. Our favorites:

  1. Lavender
  2. Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant
  3. Cherry Blossom & Sake (I died and could not be revived)
  4. Violet & Blueberry

Shasha and I each packed a box home to share. Were you one of the lucky ones who got a taste of em? Talking about the macaroons and being unable to eat them has just made me so sad.

Does reading the entry make you just wanna run out and buy a bag of sugar? Because that’s what I’m going to do now.


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