I was headed for lunch the other day and saw a lady in a rad patchwork dress. It had varying shades of purple, a cinch at the waist and a beautiful full skirt. As I stared, gaping at the possibilities of ever having possession of a dress like that, a friend exclaimed, “OK no. She looks like the crazy cat lazy who sits home all day and reads.” Dreams dashed? On the contrary, the comment albeit playful (but probably honest) only affirmed my adoration for patchwork more.

I whipped out my old – OK they’re only a year old – jeans and marveled at the thought of bestowing patches upon them. Here’s a very simple tutorial.


Tools you’ll need

Scraps of fabric for patching
A good pair of scissors. I’m using a great pair by Scotch.
Heat adhesive sticky paper. I got mine from Spotlight.
Pins and sewing supplies (optional)


Grab old fabric off clothes, or scraps, you no longer use. I took my mom’s dark wash denim decided they’d look best with my faded ones. I thought my grey Zara ones were a great color, but I think I might save that for a shredded-knee tutorial instead.

Measure and cut out fabric for the varying sections of the holes in your jeans. I cut my patches out larger than the actual space, to give myself more flexibility if I should need it.


Cut sections of your adhesive tape and secure around your patches. Remove the backing and press them down their respective sections. At this point, you want to secure your patches down with pins as you work through its length, before moving the jeans onto the iron.


For this patchwork style, I used the underside of the jeans and snipped the originally frayed bits off the front.  As per the directions at the back of my fusing tape, I placed a damp cloth on top of the area I was going to fuse. You could opt for a different adhesive with its personalized fusing instructions. With a steam iron set to Cotton, I applied heat directly onto the cloth, with some pressure and little movement. The patch should be fused to the denim in just under 30 seconds.


And there you have it. So much more fulfilling than buying a brand new pair of jeans.

More photos of the finished pair in my next post!


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