I arrived in Perth with a 17kg luggage and left with 23kg. I don’t think there’s much else to say…

Honestly though, I never knew the scale of the Supre warehouses until I physically stepped into one. Harbour Town (there’s also one in Melbourne) is Perth’s direct-factory-outlet mall and I spent most of my time and greens there. I literally have zero pictures of the place/stores because my hands were full from carrying my shopping. Yes. It iz dat awesum and you’d be crazy to miss it.


There was a window display competition ongoing in the city, adorably named “Windows of the City”, which made walking down the streets so much fun! The displays were a breath of fresh air to look and take inspiration from. Such a cool idea no? Singapore should definitely try out something like that. Even though it’s not a homegrown brand, the window displays at Kikki.k always sends my heart racing. I love their ever-changing themes and color scheme.


Ainul lives in the suburbs and the city is only a 15-min drive away. Contrary to popular ideas of how the suburbs are like, the ones in Perth are surprisingly filled with little finds! Taking a trip into the city was fun, and even though it didn’t possess the rustic air I love, there were vintage stores aplenty and I got two beautiful vintage dresses from Miss Brown Vintage.


One of my most favorite buys on the trip was a gift for my friend Kim. He is an insane vinyl lover and I so desperately wanted to bring a record home for him! And check out what I found:

This little find is just around the corner of Frementle, or Freo, as the Australians call it.

Me: “Why Freo?”
Ainul: “They’re probably too lazy to recite the whole name.”
Me: “That doesn’t make any sense.”

Oh well. Thank you corner Freo for the awesome find!


One crazy thing I did before the trip was to comb through all my issues of Frankie. Yes, the Frankie magazine most of us hold so close to our hearts. (My dream is to someday work for Frankie.) Anyhows. One thing I do with the magazine is to record in a diary all the Australian labels, craft stores and movements even vaguely mentioned. And this is how I found The Pigeonhole.

pigeonhole-7 pigeonhole-4 pigeonhole-3

Now, I cannot rave enough about The Pigeonhole. Stepping in and experiencing the store was like reading a damn good book and getting the fuzzy feeling inside. This book just got me. Just a quick who-is-Pigeonhole for you guys: The multi-label store carries incredibly functional everyday products from teapot sets to chalkboard paint; mostly imported. My favorite section would have to be the jewelry display.

pigeonhole-2 pigeonhole-1

The in-house designed leather selection was also very impressive. I had my eyes on this beautiful cowhide leather wallet but was completely destroyed to discover that it couldn’t fit my cards in (??) That was one strange moment. Thankfully for you, who may or may not be traveling to Aussie anytime soon, you can browse their online store.

More Perth stories coming your way,

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