Shasha and I are huge fans of spending Sundays stuffing our faces with carbs. When I  first heard about Potato Head Folk making its way to our shores, I couldn’t stop scrolling on social media. Everyone was grammin’ away and I had to get in the game.

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Potato Head Folk occupies all four floors at the most iconic building in Keong Saik Road, which formerly housed Tong Ah Kopitiam.  There are different concepts for each floor, which really just spells Adventure Time for me.
The first floor houses Three Buns, an open kitchen with al fresco dining on old-school high stools. The cafe is on the second floor, followed by an intimate reservations-only bar on the third floor. The fourth floor houses a rooftop bar, that was sadly still in the works when we visited.
The moment you make your way up to the second floor of the cafe, you find yourself overwhelmed by all the intricate details from the hand painted walls, painstakingly-curated display pieces and just a wonderful marry of all things colourful and child-like.
We were also greeted by friendly staff who often checked up on us (we apologise for being picky with our tables). We initially asked for a table by the window and then we proceeded to swap seats next to this creepy yet fascinating statue of a little girl… Somehow we felt so comfortable and at home in this cafe, perhaps even a little too comfy?
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When you’re at Potato Head Folk, you’ll realise that they’ve given a lot of attention to detail. From the names of their drinks, to the description of their food & the decor of the entire cafe – simply put, we were just in awe. Kinda makes you feel like you’re Alice in Wonderland.
We weren’t feeling too hungry so we shared a Honky Tonk ($19), a buttermilk fried chicken burger with den miso mayo and ‘Big Poppa Hot Sauce’ (it was beyond delish) and a very generous serving of yummy Naughty Fries ($9). Despite us sharing, we couldn’t finish our meal and found it hard to breathe… and eventually gave up on trying to wipe out the fries. Three Buns is known for their burgers and burgers are the only mains served at the cafe. We enjoyed both the burger and the fries, although we’ve got to admit that the burger (which didn’t come with a side of fries) was slightly on the pricier side. But for the quality of the food, we’re giving it 2 thumbs up.
Nonetheless, if you’re ever around Outram Park, pop by Potato Head Folk for some burgers and fries. You won’t regret it.
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