How do you dress your hair up? I am in need of more tips for my untamable mane. My hair and I, we have a love-hate relationship. I wear it down most days, after dousing it with The Body Shop’s Grapeseed Hair Serum (not a promo – wish it were – #kiddingnotkidding) (Hi TBS I’ve been a fervent user of your divine hair product and would love a holla)

I can only look at fishtail and mermaid braid tutorials with envy because I simply have too much hair to sculpt anything close to decent. Hence, I’ve found a simple scarf to be very helpful on days where I’m sick of looking at my demeanor in the mirror.

The Turban

This was my first time giving it a go and I absolutely love it! I think it’d be perfect for an extremely hot day out with a strappy denim dress.

01-04 Headscarf-Tutorial (1)
1) Start with the scarf low, on the back of your head. Take both ends and hold them upfront

2) Cross the ends over the front of your head simultaneously

3) Work the scarf in an upward direction

05 Headscarf Tutorial
4) Cross scarf at the back of your head before bring the scarf in front again

06-07 Headscarf Tutorial (1)
5) Secure both ends on respective sides of your head – twist upwards while bringing the fabric forward and tuck the end in

08 Headscarf Tutorial

The Gypset

Yes, I absolutely picked this top to go with the style. I know the 70’s style is all the works now but the closest (only) thing I’ve been into are puzzling prints on bell-sleeved blouses. And dangly jeweled earrings, of course.

01-02 Headscarf Tutorial

1) Start with the scarf on your head, leaving an inch gap at your hairline

2) Take the two ends and secure tightly in a knot at the back of your head

03 Headscarf Tutorial

04 Headscarf Tutorial

3) Take one end in a twisting motion and move the fabric to the front

4) Keep twisting until you reach the opposite side of your head

5) Tuck the end into the scarf

6) Do the same for the other side

05 Headscarf Tutorial

The Bandana

I wore my hair this way one of the days when I was in Penang; it takes just under 30 seconds to do up and is so good for covering up on bad hair days. Which I seem to be experiencing in these shots (nice bun Yun).

01-02 Headscarf Tutorial

1) Start with the scarf at the back of your head, mid-section

2) Take both ends and cross them in front

03 Headscarf Tutorial

05 Headscarf Tutorial
3) Use the same twisting method to tuck both ends into their opposite sides

07 Headscarf Tutorial
Personally I find H&M has beautifully printed, inexpensive scarves and would highly recommend you check out their selection for different lengths and sizes.

(L-R) Brown & White, $19.90, Watercolor, $9.90, Floral, $19.90



(Photos, @hudarazakphotography)
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