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I’ve been raving about Shini Park and Kit Lee’s DIY book, Adorn, too much and for far too long. If you haven’t gotten the book, you’re ludicrous and should run out to get it ASAP. The book is a delightful collection of simple DIY projects, categorized into sections. Unsurprisingly, the Tops & Knitwear section was a fast favorite; I am always trying to inject my personal style into any outfit I purchase.
And because I’ve been prowling the pages from cover to back, I decided to finally try my hand at one easy project. All you need is a large scarf, some gold chains and your sewing kit.

  1. 1 large square silk scarf, or any fabric of choice. I bought a yard of scuba fabric from Chinatown – best decision ever. I’m running back there to get them in magenta, white and navy too.
  2. A string of gold chains
  3. Needle & thread. My fabric was much thicker than your usual silk scarf, and I used the thickest black thread I had, with a larger needle.
Cut a large triangle out of your fabric, or if you’re already using a square scarf, fold once to enhance the thickness of your future top. Pick a corner or your triangle and do a one-inch fold inwards. You’ve now created the neckline of your top, where your gold chain will loop through.
If you’re a terrible sewer like me, use chalk and pins to mark out a straight line for your stitches. You want to make small, neat binds to prevent any unraveling in future. (Tip: my scuba fabric was rather thick, so I used a larger-than-usual needle with thicker-than-usual black thread.)
For the final step, loop the chain in the space you created, and secure the fabric into a pretty bow on your lower back. Voila!
Wore it out for the first time that day at Potato Head Folk. I was very self-conscious at the beginning because I don’t trust myself very much. I was afraid the top was going to fall apart at its seams… That of cos would only happen in my nightmares because the it held up perfectly well. I was so pleased :)What do you think? Easy peasy huh? I’m gonna make a hot pink (duh) and white one next!


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