READ: Selamat Hari Jadi

On 14th March, it would be the Hive SG’s very first birthday. To be wholly honest this past year of my life has felt like a million lifetimes, and many people are still amazed that we’ve only been operating for close to 365 days. Some are mildly surprised I’m still alive and kickin’.

I can no longer remember some of the crazies that have gone down anymore not because there have been too many, but my mental capacity has been pushed to the limits so many times that it’s now in need of serious repair work. Some things I know I’ll never forget:

  • The two days of emptiness when C and H left me to run the space by myself for the first time as they went back to Hong Kong. It was the first time I was well and truly manning all 5 levels on my own and I distinctively remember asking myself: WILL I EVA HAVE COLLEAGUEZ / IZ DIS REAL / WOT AM I DOING / I NEHVUR FELT DIS LONELINESS B4
  • The moment C looked my in the eye and said “I’m livid.” – those who know this story would know what he was raging about. And they’d know the volcanic eruption that went down in my brain in the seconds which followed.
  • The first time members moved out. The sheer heartbreak I felt! I moped around for a good full day when Xero packed and left – it felt like a break up with 9 people all at once. But I soon got over it and now I’m perpetually emotionless when members move out. I’m just kidding, it has just gotten way easier and if it’s one thing I’ve learnt the past year, it’s to not let my emotions drive my soul (at work).
  • The smell of a brand new Hive. FYI, it’s a combination of burnt wood and Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb.

I would share more, but some feelings are best preserved in the space within my chest.