Shopping in Melbourne is fantastic. By that, I don’t necessarily mean low-cost or budget, but if you’re searching for locally made products, different labels, or if you just want to own something exclusively from Melbourne, you’re completely spoilt for choice.

Search for the city map of Melbourne and you’ll find it’s broken up into distinct districts. It’ll be tricky the first time, but it’ll all be too familiar quicker than you know. The shopping deets you’re about to read are all categorized by each district, so that should make it easy for you to find your way around.


Lost + Found Market is a huge warehouse of vintage finds. You know the garage sales you see in movies? Yup, except this is multiple stories high and you’ll find the craziest things. It’s almost like a group of Grandmas decided to gather and collectively sell all their junk and treasures.

melbourne-lostandfound-2 melbourne-lostandfound-1

Looking a lot like a typical Salvation Army in Singapore huh? Vintage buys are never too cheap, but the things you find can really blow you away. We’ve seen hand-blown glasses, jukeboxes, Kate-Middleton-type dresses and full dining sets. You could dedicate hours to Lost + Found and it still wouldn’t feel enough.


While you’re in the Collingwood/Fitzroy area, take a 20-minute walk to Brunswick Street. You’re going to beat yourself up 100 times over if you miss this eclectic street of amazing independent stores.

melbourne-wilkins-and-kent DSC02125

Wilkins and Kent is one of the first stores I fell in love with. They carry everything and anything from tea sets to furniture to cushions and tiny greetings cards. They’re all great to buy as gifts: Shasha got a beautiful teacup for Vicky, who collects teacups, and I scored a pair of leather clogs from Sandgrens. My very first pair!

4 3 DSCN4698

Swan Emporium is an adorable, quirky store that will leaving you gushing over how pretty and cute everything is. The visual merchandising team sure did a great job with the colour scheme and layout of the store. They’ve got the loveliest selection of printed summery dresses, along with adorable accessories and decorative items to make your living space a little chirpier.


Words cannot describe how magnificent of a treasure trove Camberwell Sunday Market is. I got up as early I we could Рit begins at 7am and by 12.30pm all stores would begin closing. Trust me, it is definitely worth waking up at the crack of dawn, skipping breakfast and rushing down to ransack through all 370 stalls. Handmade clothes, accessories and handicrafts, DIY studded jackets and shorts, new and used clothing, shoes and bags, vintage goods, carpets, rugs and even furniture for your home are just a few of the countless things that you can feast your eyes on.

More in a few!


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