Since embarking on the road of a freelancer, I’ve found that my favorite bit about this life – and pardon my sounding super poetic when I say this – is that I get to enjoy weekdays without the sweaty jostle of Human Beings. I’ve really come to enjoy my solitude.

Most of my time is now spent working remotely. As I type these words, I’m seated in a Haagen Dazs in the middle of a crowded Tampines Mall, tapping on their wifi@HaggenDazs with my Mac plugged into the one and only power socket I can find. Indeed, freelancing has led me to unlocking many Top Secret hotspots and charging points.

On days that I decide “OK – no work today!” I try to reap the benefits of the aforementioned weekdays with minimized human contact. The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) has been running a couple of amazing exhibitions for a while now – some permanent, some for a period – and I checked a couple out.

Once Upon This Island 01Once Upon This Island 02After Utopia 09After Utopia 03 After Utopia 07 After Utopia 02

Illya and I, being 80% kids and 20% perhaps-adults, were so envious of the students visiting After Utopia on a school trip. They had activity sheets and were documenting their learnings from each exhibition. Turns out you can download them here! Go crazy.

After Utopia runs till Oct 18th, Once Upon This Island is an ongoing exhibition. 

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