Hope you guys have been enjoying the reads about Perth so far – this is going to be the final part and I’m gonna share about one of my favorite days in Perth. It was a chilly & snuggly day and we got all dressed up for the afternoon. We bought groceries, whipped up some dishes and went to Gooseberry Hill.

We went picnicking in the crazy *expletive* cold. With wind. At one point I begged Ainul to pray for the wind to go away, for just a second. I tried to pray for help too and I am not kidding with this story: The wind blew harder. Someone up there has no love for me :(

According to Ainul, Gooseberry Hill is a popular dating spot. And since it was neither nighttime nor were we lovers, it ended up being a chaotic screaming & squealing picnic.

perth-gooseberry-hill DSC01711

Top favorite things about cold weather:

  1. Make up never melts off.
  2. Hair is the closest thing to perfection
  3. Thus, cooked food shouldn’t turn bad too easily, right?

THAT’S EXACTLY RIGHT. We did the grossest thing of leaving the entire picnic basket in the car overnight. We allowed two chicken wings and a handful of pasta to sit in the boot, but they remained edible and didn’t emit foul gases even till daylight. They were all then consumed the next day when we were feeling peckish from shopping.

Beautiful Perth.

DSC01776 DSC01739 DSC01742

We trudged back down the hill and back into the car to drive to Sandalford Winery. I’d never visited a winery before, and for some strange reason we both forgot it wasn’t harvesting season. Unfortunately, all I got to see were black, unhappy grape vines. I did get myself a bottle of wine though -will be saving it for Christmas (I am no alcoholic).

The winery has a retail store where you can select great wine, by the bottle or the crate, and enjoy a glass or two in their beautiful glasshouse restaurant. The store also sells heaps of cooking add-ons – I got a bottle of Caramelized Garlic marinate that came with the cutest brushing brush.


Would you believe that Ainul got her car for only AUD 3k? I would have to sell all my possessions + myself + my friends to get a car in Singapore at my age.

We then spent the evening at Little Creatures where the most “culturally shocking” thing happened. I found out the hard way that you’re required to show ID in the form of your passport when purchasing any alcohol. Guess who had to drop her pint of barely-drank Bright Ale and truffle fries to head back for her passport?

Yup, datz rite. It was still an experience and a painful reminder for everyone reading (hello!) to carry your passports with you the most you can. Pretty sure this culture doesn’t exist in most places – at least not for Melbourne.

Speaking of which, the next couple of entries will be fully Melbourne-centric. Brace your eyes for a visual feast.


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