I knew little about Vegas before my trip in December, and decided that No! It can’t only be casinos and clubs! And of course I was right. We grabbed the car one afternoon and hit up Downtown Las Vegas. It’s a short drive from The Strip, and the district is lined with cafes (hipster mandatory), art galleries (new-age hipster check), rooftop bars (hipsters exist where fairy lights do) and vintage stores (hipster treat).

Girl’s gotta hit up her vintage fix wherever she goes you know?

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I was dying to hit up Retro Vegas when I saw a photo of its giaganormous pet outside its doors, and the two-storey thrift store did not disappoint. The first level houses furniture, kitchenware, lamps and even a full kitchen set – complete with refrigerator, stove and sink. It was like stepping on set of a 1950s movie. If you’re a fan of the Lost + Found Market in Melbourne, you’ll find lots of similarities in Retro Vegas.

When you’re here, pick up a flyer from the counter with a map of the street. It clearly indicates the names of each Retro/Vintage/Furniture store on the street, so you can skip the ones you’re not into. Amber Joy’s Vintage Closet was one of my favorites.

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Funny story for you: We’d arrived at the Retro Vegas to find a parked car sitting right at the foot of the flamingo, so we decided to turn around later in the day. We returned right before sunset to find the car still in the way! Cue slew of manic attacks and thoughts: I came to Downtown Vegas solely for this Flamingo??? This is not my day. In the end, the owner let in that the car belonged to the lady next door and that we could “ask nicely and maybe she’ll move it”. And if you know us, we’re very good at playing nice. Next followed three Asian/Pan-Asian kids running next door and looking sheepish with our request. Poor lady looked busy at her desk but we could not back down.

Moral of the story? What’s the worst that could happen? She might have refused and chased us out with profanities but she didn’t. We got our winning shot.


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