We decided to throw one right on our rooftop for my 24th birthday.Time has swept right by me since turning 21, but I treasure my themed parties all the same. And for this party, the girls left me fully in charge of decor and styling… with a beautiful timeframe of exactly 7 days. I am still pretty amazed that we managed to pull this one off because if I’m being honest, it’s one of the best ;)

How many of us have seriously considered booking that flight ticket to LA and joining in on Coachella? You can’t say the thought hasn’t crossed your mind. But between saving up for a big year-end trip (to be revealed soon!) and literally feeding myself, I’ve long given up on my Palm Springs dream. What we created was very close to the real deal, if I should say so myself.
DSC07681 DSC07674
I created a teepee using very simple tools: 6 bamboo poles, loads of twine, and a huge sheet of fabric. I found loads of tutorials online – from complicated thread-and-needle ones to basic, 10 minute ones. I obviously went for the latter.
This DIY project cost me only $12 for the 6 bamboo poles from Daiso. The beautiful tie-dye fabric, dreamcatchers, rugs and twine were all loaned materials. As far as DIY goes, if there’s a material you lack, you can be guaranteed that the next person would be able to provide it. Buy less, save the Earth.
DSC07721 DSC07733 DSC07716
Naturally, we went berserk with dressing up in classic Coachella style. My exact message to the girls: “Take two pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that don’t make sense, throw them on and vomit all your accessories on yourself at the same time.” Not forgetting face paint…
Having the party on the rooftop meant only one thing…we could make believe we were looking at the sunset from the Palm Springs with music filling the orange sky. Which quickly turned into a stunning royal blue. Oh, my heart!
DSC07778 DSC07777 DSC07774
The whole look of the party came together just as I’d envisioned it and I couldn’t have asked for a better time. Cheers to flamingoes, gyp-sters (gypsy-hipsters) and the best friends.
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