TODAY: What do you see?

This afternoon I wrote in, via my designation at the Hive, to one of Singapore’s biggest lifestyle and dining companies, seeking for guidance on how I should go about purchasing food vouchers. We’re having our very first beer pong match coming Thursday night and since all participating members have been so psyched, I figured instead of the usual wine and beer, let’s gift the winner with something nicer shall we.

The response I received was absolutely unexpected: The lady I was connected with will now be sponsoring $200 gift vouchers which can be utilised across any of their very hip and happening restaurants/entertainment spots.

Now not to contradict myself, but I suppose a small part of me did anticipate a response as such. It’s marketing, it’s business, it’s survival. But it’s also generosity, it’s kindness, it’s saying: Hey bruh don’t sweat it, I got cha.

Maybe I sound naive and silly to you, and some of you may even say I should’ve been forward and asked for the sponsorship upfront before she even offered. But it’s in moments like this that I’m thankful I am who I am. I am thankful I can see the beauty in the exchange, in these little life moments that the next person may be quick to dismiss or belittle.

And everyday I’ll be wishing your eyes could show you these things too.